Saturday, May 30, 2015

Reflections on "The Many Uses of Exit Slips"

Reflections on the article...
The Many Uses of Exit Slips
by Robert J. Marzano

Reading this article reminded me of why I have always admired the work and writing of Robert Marzano.  I have often used exit slips for formative assessment, to determine whether my students understood the concepts presented that period, but I had not thought of the many ways I could use exit slips to improve my instruction.

The four kinds of prompts that Marzano mentioned are:
  • Prompts that provide formative assessment data - for my third graders a prompt of this type in science might be “What are you confused about regarding how igneous rocks form?”
  • Prompts that stimulate student self-analysis - the idea that effort makes a huge difference in how much you learn really needs to be emphasized in my classroom.  This coming year, I plan to use the prompt “What could you have done to help yourself learn better?”
  • Prompts that focus on instructional strategies - Because I often use instructional strategies that require student talk in groups, I could use the prompt “How did the group talk today help you understand what we were studying?”
  • Prompts that are open communications to the teacher - I love the idea of directly asking my students “What is something that I could be doing to help you understand this concept?”
Using exit slips in my classroom in these many ways will help me to be a more effective teacher.

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